Saurik has announced the immediate release of an update for the Winterboard, one of the most popular tweak for thumbing and customizing the iPhone, iPad and the iPad Touch.

The update brings much awaited support for the iOS 7 and support for the 64-bit devices (iPhone 5s).  The update means the themes can now be used on the iPhone 5S safely. There aren’t themes that support the iPhone 5s yet, but not to worry many developers are already working on themes for the iPhone 5s.

“WinterBoard 0.9.3912 (just released) runs on iOS 7 and seems compatible with ARM64; theme artists are encouraged to report any crashes/bugs.”

WinterBoard provides hooks that let graphic artists safely and simply theme almost anything in Apple’s OS, including third party software downloaded from App Store. Multiple theme packages can be installed at once using the configuration interface: simply drag themes into a priority order.

What’s New In This Version:
● Fix Crash in Marvel WoH (sorry)
● A64: Many 64-bit CGFloat Fixes
● 7.x: iOS Version Theme Filtering
● 7.x: Avoid SB Search Panel Crash
● 7.x: Port WBMarkup to New WebKit
● 7.x: Stop Settings Bundle Crashing
● 7.x: Use flat/thin “Icon” on iOS 7
● 7.x: Work Around libhid Missing
● 7.x: Badge/Label/Calendar Info.plist
● 6.x: Reverted old “Simple-ish Fix”
● 6.x: App Share Icons
● 6.x: Bar Cache Files