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So you looked at Apple’s Latest creation “Mountain Lion OS X” which will be released this summer. The chances are you are already drooling over it!

But there is a heart break :  Apple has abandoned support for Intel’s GMA 950 and x3100 chipsets, which means Mountain Lion OS X will only work on the newer Macs. Below is the list of macs that will not be able to play nice with Mountain Lion OS X. If your Mac is not listed below. you will be able to install Mountain Lion OS X on your Mac.

  • Any Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook from late 2007 – late 2008 (Model Numbers: MB061*/B, MB062*/B, MB063*/B, MB402*/A MB403*/A MB404*/A, MB402*/B)
  •  The Mid-2007 Mac mini (Model Numbers: MB138*/A, MB139*/A)
  • Late 2006 polycarbonate iMac (Model Number: MA710xx/A)
  • The original early 2008 MacBook Air (Model Number: MB003LL/A)
  • If you’ve got any one of these machines, OS X Lion will be the last version of OS X you will be able to install.


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