BoiProtect by Elias Limneos is a brand new tweak that lets you lock your Apps with Touch ID. Elias posted a teaser last week showing off the tweak in development right after the iOS 7 jailbreak was released. You can now get your hands on BioProtect and add a layer of protection on any App of your Choice.

BoiProtect lets you lock any App on your iPhone 5s, once the App is locked it will then require your Fingerprint in order to launch. BioProtect also asks for the same authentication when launching an App within an App for instance if you tap on a notification and in result you then switch to a different App that is locked you will still have to use your fingerprint to unlock it!

Along side protecting Apps BoiProtect also lets you also protect AppSwitcher.!

Tweak :  BoiProect | Via: Cydia Store | Cost $1.99

Add stylish protection to your applications and prevent opening them unless you authenticate using your fingerprint! No need to fear if someone sees your password while you type it! The most secure and yet fastest way to protect your applications, presented with a very cool UI. Touch ID needs less than a second to verify a correctly added fingerprint! The tweak listens to application launch events and blocks them if the application is listed as protected until you enter your Touch ID! It protects applications from launching from Notification Center, from App Slider (former App Switcher), from lock screen and of course from tapping their icon to launch them.Enjoy the fastest and yet most secure protection!