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SkyGrid’s Touchtv brings Tv content to your iPad & iPhone with their brand new iOS App called “Touchtv”. The App lets you watch recent programs from popular sports, entertainment, politics, and news channels.

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Touchtv is the world’s first TV for iPad.

Touchtv brings together the magic of TV with the revolutionary iPad, to let you watch “snack-size” TV any time, anywhere. Touchtv’s design not only makes the best programs effortless to watch, it even makes TV light enough you can actually hold it in your hands.

Start watching your Touchtv today!

What people are saying:

– “Touchtv: A simple app for snack-size TV on the iPad. It’s ideal. ” TIME Magazine
– “Simply launch Touchtv and ‘touch’ any channel and start watching.” TechCrunch
– “Touchtv, the future of TV. This makes a lot of sense to me.” Robert Scoble
– “You rock, seriously. Love it. Fantastic iPad app.” @robgorczyga