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ThemePark is the leading way to customizing your Mac, it is lightweight, fast & very efficient. Lot of Mac users want to customize the look of their mac but sometimes struggle a bit trying to get to the tools that enables the user to get their macs look sleeker.This is because when you google for a customize solution you will find tools that are outdated, not to worry ThemePark works on Snow Leopard and Leopard!

Prepare you Mac For Custom ThemePark Themes..

1. Download ThemePark 4.1

2. Install this on your Mac.

3. Thats it You are Ready! To install your custom theme.

4. Theme – To start you off Download this Theme  Aqua-Inspiriat-SL

5. The Theme Will Mount – Unzip the Theme older & Find a File called “Aqua Inspiriat 1.4.5.LeopardTheme”

6. Double Click “Aqua Inspiriat 1.4.5.LeopardTheme”  & Click Apply

7.  Log Out  & Log Back in

Done – Your new Theme should now be applied.

What is ThemePark

Use ThemePark to create or modify the way Mac OS X looks, as well as to change the appearance of individual applications. Just draw titlebars, buttons, and other widgets in the graphics editor of your choice, and move them into ThemePark to create a new theme or modify an existing one. Also use ThemePark to safely apply themes to your operating system.

With ThemePark, you can:

  • Safely apply themes created by other ThemePark users;
  • Edit the ArtFile, SArtFile and Extras files that underlie the appearance of Mac OS X;
  • Easily merge multiple themes together to mix and match appearances;
  • Integrate with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for easy editing;
  • Convert between the Snow Leopard and the Leopard versions of SArtFile;
  • Edit many theme images at once for easy modification;