Alright folks, finally its about time! when we start to see some custom eye candy land on the iPhone 5 all thanks to the latest jailbreak. Here we have a beautiful iPhone 5 LockScreen Theme, this we can say with confidence, this is the most beautiful LockScreen theme for the iPhone 5 available anywhere today. It features a simple clock & date widget followed by a simple slide to unlock button.

There is no configuration what so ever, you simply install it and off you go getting rid of that boring LockScreen that we are all tired of looking at !

This theme will be available via our partner Repo (BigBoss Repo) via Cydia so keep an eye out for it on Cydia.


as always we hope you enjoy this beautiful LockScreen Theme.

Please feel free to leave suggestions and your input on about this theme in the comments , as it helps and encourages the designers come up with the stuff you guys like !


The LockScreen is called “The iCloud LS”.