Media:Connect for DLNA and UPnP media streaming is a free App (with one iAd banner) that lets you stream your iDevice to PS3 & XBox 360. There are other Apps that do this but most of the good ones are paid Apps (one of the top ones is AirMusic App) but this app does all you will ever need for your streaming needs.

We all have PS3s, XBoxs or one of the other, in some extreme cases like us maybe both & even more…in most cases we have our gaming consoles hooked up with better sound. This is a great way to take advantage of all that great equipment & not to mention this saves a whole lot of time that you will spend trying to get your media onto your gaming console. Download this great tool today and enjoy your tunes away !

The media from your iDevice should appear under the media server on your console – i.e Under Music Tab on PS3 ..

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