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If you work with photos, or you just happen to be one of those people who take loads and loads of photos but hate organizing them! then Sparkbox was made for you. Sparkbox is a very powerful Photo organizer for Mac OS X , it costs $20.00 on a regular day but it is FREE for limited time. Download this amazing app today and give it a try.

Sparkbox is loaded with some amazing features take a look below.

[appext 488652149]


Sparkbox helps you to manage images for your design. Unlike iPhoto, Sparkbox is designed to look after the images besides the picture or photograph you took. It is a neat and clean image library for your Mac; it is perfect for you to organize your image collection and make good use of your visual inspiration.


  • Fully Drag&drop,Menu bar,Screenshot capture import
  • Variety image formats support: jpeg,png,psd,tiff,bmp,psd,icns
  • Built-in web image snap feature
  • Built-in preview window
  • Built in Color search engine
  • Open-meta data tag system
  • On screen annotation system
  • On image comments feature
  • Multi touch, full screen, Lion features
  • Easy share function

It’s introduced for free for limited time. Great chance to grab your Sparkbox!