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Produced By: docklandsoft | Via: docklandsoft | Price : Free


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Spaces is one of my favorite thing to use in leopard & this sweet little add on makes spaces ever better. Lot of Mac users have long desired the ability to set a different background for each virtual “space”. That is now possible thanks to SpaceSuit. Installation of SpaceSuit is very easy & setting up backgrounds are even easier just simply drag the background you wish to use.

1 Space = 1 Wallpaper

SpaceSuit is Spaces’missing feature: 1 different background image for every Space.

Now you can customize each Space with its own wallpaper and identify it quickly everytime you switch from one Space to another.

Drag, Drop, Done

Setting or changing a background image has never been easier.
Drag your image to SpaceSuit’s Dock icon and SpaceSuit will immediately apply it to the current Space.

Stylish Simplicity

When making SpaceSuit our goal was to have a simple, minimalist interface. And we think we came up with something pretty good…


All SpaceSuit’s interface is in its icon. Drag a file on it to add an image, right-click on it to change the display setting or remove the image.

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