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Shazam has released their new Shazam Player App for the iPhone. The App brings some very cool features to the iPhone, the few key features are Streaming Lyrics, YouTube Videos & Track-Artist Reviews. This a great App! after only using it for 30 minutes, we think this is one of the best music players done for the iPhone, it brings a bag full of tricks to the iOS. You can download Shazam Player via App Store for Free.

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 Switch to a music player with a difference – Shazam Player™ the NEW app from Shazam! Why just listen to your music when you can now see streaming lyrics, watch YouTube videos and read reviews of your favorite tracks and artists! Get to know your music with Shazam Player.

It’s your music. Shazam Player lets you do more with it.

• Bring your music to life with LyricPlay™. See streaming lyrics in time to the music – you’ll always have the words to your favorite songs with you.
• Share the soundtrack of your day on Facebook and Twitter
• Watch YouTube videos and concert clips
• Find tour dates for the bands and artists you’re into
• Manage your music – see your iTunes playlists and create new playlists on the fly
• Select your favorite tracks and hide ones you don’t want to hear
• Add to your music – buy new tracks on iTunes from within the app
• View music by artist/album/title and use the Track Tray to see all the great Shazam features available for each song
• Top tracks – a changing list of LyricPlay tracks – buy them straight from the app if you don’t already own them
• Identify new music you’re hearing by instantly launching the Shazam App