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The Jury has found Samsung guilty of copying the iPhone and has determined that the company must pay 1billion in damages to Apple! That is some serious money, that is $1,051,855,000.

The Vergehas taken some time to break down the damages take a look below:

 Prevail: $57,000,000
Infused 4G: $44,792,974
Transform: $954,060
Replenish: $3,350,256
Mesmerize: $53,123,612

“The jury also found that all Apple’s patents were valid and Samsung willfully infringed on them in many cases. Notably, they determined the iPhone’s trade dress (visual appearance) is protectable but only on the iPhone 3G.

The jury didn’t think much of Samsung allegations of infringement, either. They didn’t feel that Apple had committed a single count of infringement — at least not anything that Samsung had demonstrated — against either Samsung’s standards-essential or utility patents. As such, the company will be receiving nothing for its troubles.

It wasn’t all gravy for Apple, however. The jury found that the company’s legal team didn’t prove Samsung had broken any antitrust laws or violated its agreements with the UMTS standards bodies. Still, it was a meager get for Samsung, considering the jury also found that Samsung couldn’t have enforced its ’516 and ’941 3GPP patents against Apple due to “patent exhaustion” — in this case, the fact that Intel already has a licensing agreement with Samsung, and the company shouldn’t be allowed to double-dip”.