Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines for Resizing and Zooming Windows explain that the zoom button isn’t actually supposed to expand the window to fill the screen, but toggle the window between a standard application-defined size and a user-defined size.

But there are 100’s of users that just want to Click on the Green button and want the page to Fill the Screen & same effect for the Red button to re-size and make the window a smaller size.

This can be done fairly easily with some javascript.

Step 1 . Add Any page to your Bookmark – once added  right click the bookmark name & Click Edit Address

Step 2. Paste the javascript in the address section & rename it to whatever you like (ex : Max,Full, <->)

Step 3. Once Finished Click on the Bookmark and your Safari Screen should Fill Entire Screen.

Step 4. Do the same Process for Zoom Out – As well.

Scripts To Be Copied – Note you can test these by simply copying them and pasting them into the address bar & then Hit enter to see the effect.

Maximize –


Small Screen –



Examples :

Bookmark Edit Screen – Add The JavaScript & Rename the Bookmark

Possible names something Small like  “Max” “Zoom” “Fill”

What i used is – For Maximize –  <-> For Small window-  ><

BookMarks on Menu – Bar

To Maximize or Make the Window Small all you have to do is Click on the Bookmark Name & Valla!

If Max is clicked – Safari will fill your entire screen.

If Zoom Out is clicked – Safari will be Re-sized to a smaller size.

Note: Due to Safari 4 Release This method does not work when a Tabbed session is opened. :( hopefully update will be out soon.