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Apple is expected to unevil its new iPhone on Sept 12th, we now have more news on that front the new Device is codenamed N42 and will launch at the same price points as the iPhone 4S. This comes via a report published via 9to5mac.


Here is the part codes matrix for the new iPhone launch from a source at a well-known U.S. retail chain: N42A-USA -$199, N42B-USA-$199, N42A-USA-$299, N42B-USA-$299, N42A-USA-$399, N42B-USA-$399.  A + B signify black and white.

We also understand that this new iPhone N42 will come in the same prices as the iPhone 4S. With this, we speculate that the configurations will remain at the iPhone 4S’s 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities.

We also are led to believe that pre-orders will begin soon after next week’s announcement. The new iPhone will not ship immediately in all countries.