Pocket Scanner has gone FREE for a limited time, celebrating the firm’s 5th anniversary. The App normally costs $3.99 but can be download right now for FREE. This handy dandy scanner app lets you scan documents on the go, automatic edge detection makes it easy scanning documents the App features easy to use interface, awesome file management system, ability to email docs as PDF,JPEG and lets you adjust brightness, rotation and color. Description

Pocket Scanner Ultimate – Scan Documents to PDFsKdan Mobile SoftwareBusiness$ 6.99Download


To mark Kdan Mobile’s 5th anniversary, we are offering a free trial of the Kdan Creative Cloud and free download of select paid-apps for a limited time!
Sign up between May 26th and June 9th to receive a three-month trial of the Kdan Creative Cloud Deluxe Pack.

Pocket Scanner Features:
> Compatible with iOS 7
> Friendly and intuitive user interface 
> Automatic document edge detection 
> Efficient and structural file management
> Unlimited scan projects for all kinds of materials and themes
> Great file management system
> Advanced image processing: Instant brightness, rotation, and color adjustment
> Email documents as PDF, JPEG, and save them to the Photo Library 
> AirDrop & AirPrint supported 
> Various sources of importing images 

Streamline your workflow and boost the productivity with Pocket Scanner NOW!

We offer better document solution that achieves simplicity and efficiency simultaneously.