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Air Video is a very useful appl for those want a solid solution to view their Video Collection anywhere they want. The app is so simple to Set up  & you will not believe it.

All you do is download the Air Video server software to Mac or your PC, pointed it at a local folder full of video, and activated it. Then I opened up the Air Video iPhone app to find a simple directory listing. It is super simple to use and well worth the $3.00 you will have spend on it. The streaming is done over a wi-fi connection.


Enjoy your entire video collection everywhere! *
Is your iPhone/iPod touch full and yet it contains only a fraction of your video library? Are your videos in format unsupported by iPhone/iPod touch?
Think of all those AVI, DivX, MKV and other files in your collection that would take weeks to convert just to be playable on iPhone.

Air Video is the ultimate solution for these problems.

IMPORTANT: Please upgrade to latest server version after installing the update!

★ Video Streaming ★

Instead of having to synchronize your videos to device you can now watch them over air. Suddenly the capacity of your iPhone/iPod touch is infinite and the nuisance of iTunes is gone.