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BumpTop Desktop is a crazy way to manage and manpulate your desktop, organize your files, folders, photos, docs & applications.The latest from BumpTop for OS X even integrates with the Mac’s own window-handeling tools, support for multitouch is also integrated.

BumpTop’s Pro version, $29, gives MacBook users access to a range of multi-touch features, similar to what Windows 7 users can do on a multitouch screen. But the free version still delivers a different experience for your desktop. Folders, pictures, drive icons, and anything, really, can be pinned to your three walls, the desk surface, and piles of documents re-arranged with a tap of the mouse (or finger). When you get mad at the Parkerson Project, pick it up and fling it across your desk at the wall—just like in real life!

[via –lifehacker]