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As much as Apple would like to keep things as secretive as possible, the truth is ALWAYS in the latest firmware updates. This is as concrete as it gets. The latest iOS 4.1 beta is showing compatiblity for USB configurations for two new products. The “iProd 2,1″ and “unknownHardware” devices. Another look would also reveal the “iPod 4,1.″ We already can gaurantee some sort of new iPod to be announced this September. Before I go into detail, let me break down what the product name means. For example, “iProd 2,1″ 2 means 2nd generation and 1 means 1st revision. Moving on after the break…

Ok, Apple refered to the 1st iPad as iProd 1,1 in the firmwares leading up to its release. So it is safe to assume that the iProd 2,1 is an entirely new device. Hopefully with a front facing camera and multitasking.
It is suspected that the new iPad could be a completely new, smaller version of the current iPad that we have been hearing rumblings about.

Now, about that “unknownHardware.” Let the speculation begin on that one. There is supposedly a Verizon iPhone being tested right now. Take that with a grain of rocks. We all know there has been rumors about a Verizon iPhone since the first iPhone. Hopefully these products are released this fall. Possibly could be announced at Apple’s event in September. All we can do at this point is wait and see.

Source: Apple Insider