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SwirlySpace has brought the magic of SMS & MMS onto the iPad 3G by a brand new app they call SwirlyMessage. SwirlySPace are the same folks who gave the iPhone SwirlyMMS the first MultiMedia Message App on the iPhone (Jailbreak App). The App does cost $12.00 which is quite high for a jailbreak App but it is definitely worth the price after all it lets you do both sms & mms right from your iPad. [Read More]

SwirlyMessage is synonymous with SMS, MMS and SwirlyNet messaging on the iPad 3G! The SwirlyMessage application is easy to use and contains numerous features, from basic sending and reception of SMSes, to the killer feature: send and receive SMS and MMS for free to and from friends within SwirlyNet™! Yes, messages sent and received within SwirlyNet™ really are free! Gratis

SwirlyMessage is available for jailbroken iPads with a built in 3G modem. It is very easy to download and install SwirlyMessage via Cydia. Cydia is the installation program that comes with the jailbreak.