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Unibody MacBook Pro 15″ Laptop Cover Skin [Brown Leather]

Brand: SGPStore | Cost $21.99  | Shipping : Varies on location ($5.25 Avrg within U.S)

We all try to protect our notebooks the best way we can possibly think of. Some of us buy hard shell cases, silicon cases or even going as far as getting your gadget laminated. Most covers and silicon cases,hard shell covers, clear cases and so on produce a result that is unwanted by 90% users. I personally have used both hard shell case and silicon case to protect my macbook pro. One major disappointment i had was, i paid for the macbook pro & Apple designed it so sleek and with beautiful lines i lost all that beauty when i used those covers.

The Hunt

So recently i bought a brand new macbook pro  & i was on a mission to find a cover that is both sleek and does what i want it to do . My biggest concern with the macbook is getting scratched  i wasn’t looking for drop protection. so i hunted and hunted to find a viable solution that does 2 things for me

  1. Protects the top of the macbook so it does not get scratched or skuffed.
  2. Once the cover is on it doesn’t make the notebook look like an ugly dell.

While searching at the usual suspects (bestbuy, radioshack, joe’s hardware & so on) did not turn up anything. So i head to the ever growing online accessory market & came across http://www.sgpstore.com & found decent looking macbook covers something exactly like i had in mind. Hence i ordered and waited to see if the cover is as good as it looked on their site. Few days later i got the cover in the mail.


The Skin/Cover i ordered is the Brown Leather design. It is of high quality it not only gives you protection from scratches, spill & more it gives such a clean and beautiful look to your macbook. i have been using this for 2 weeks now and have no discoloration or any other issues. What i like about this cover/skin the most is it can be cleaned with ease and peace in mind it doesn’t discolor or loose texture when cleaned with slightly wet towel or cloth.

So For $21.99 + shipping  you get a very clean look while adding some eye candy at the same time. Not to mention the protection as well.

The Install

I would say this upfront installing any adhesive based cover or skin is always tricky, so i had to think hard for little bit.

Suggestions : Cut the access paper around the cover and place the cover onto the notebook. Take note of each corner & see if all corners are covered equally.

once all are aliggned you should use some scotch tape to hold the one end of the cover onto the macbook make sure the cover doesn’t move. Once you have one end of the cover taped to the macbook Lift the cover from the end that is not tapped and peel the adhesive paper off just a little  now only peel just enough to expose the corners once corners are exposed check to see if the cover has moved or not ( scotch tape prevents it from moving but you must watch your alignment). Once you make sure the cover has not moved proceed to glue down the exposed corners grab a credit card or something similar and start to go in downward motion as you peel more of the adhesive paper  this is the best way to install this cover.