There have been a lot of rumors surrounding Apple’s iTV. It is predicted that Apple will make an entry into the HDTV market sometime soon. Up till now we have seen only rumors and only a few solid leads. This time comes a solid lead via the way of Patent, this patent published by U.S Patent and Trademark Office details and advancement of high refresh rate LCD technology known as “fringe field switching.” Asdescribed by PatentlyApple, Apple’s patent offers advancements in the technology that would allow FFS for use with large screen HDTVs. The report noted, “Previous versions of FSS couldn’t accommodate such large displays.” PatentlyApple explained:


The technology is an off-shoot of IPS called S-IPS. It’s a technology that provides superior performance and color gamut with high luminosity. IPS technology is currently being used in Apple’s iMac – which stems from this patent… Embodiments of Apple’s granted patent and invention provide for a FFS TFT LCD with a high refresh rate without limiting the aperture of individual pixels. More specifically, embodiments of the invention provide for the use of common bus lines to reduce the effective resistance of the common electrode and to therefore allow for higher refresh rates of the display.


embodiments of the present invention can be implemented as flat screen television set 700 with display 701… Embodiments of the invention may allow the above-referenced devices to provide a clear and bright display with a relatively high resolution, high refresh rate and a wide viewing angle.