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Netflix is finally available and working on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. The latest Version of 1.1.0 is now available on the App Store. Of course it is at the #1 spot for Free Apps. This update allows you to stream movies at the touch of a button. You have to sign in to your Netflix account first. You have to have at least OS 3.1.3 for this update.

Netflix has been promising an update since April and now we all can enjoy. This also works fantastic on 3G, but works flawlessely over WiFi. It is just like your PS3 or Wii Netflix Streaming UI and you can watch instantly from your instant queue or browse by genre and select a new movie to watch. I just found “The Karate Kid” and watched with my son. Now that brings back the 80′s. This is a great app as now we can hand the kids the phone in the back of the car and have the Bluetooth synced in our Ford and listen to the speakers nice and loud while they watch the movie.

Well, it’s about popcorn time……. Enjoy!