As the name suggests the “MuteIcon” is a tweak that adds ‘Mute’ icon on the status bar of the iPhone. Now some of you may say why do i need this? theres times we all set our phone to silent without even knowing, so this can come handy when you by mistake enable to Mute on your iPhone.

Tweak : MuteIcon | Via : Cydia-BigBoss Repo | Cost : FREE

Issue: By default Your iPhone will not display the icon if you have “Rotation lock” on “bluetooth” on or the “battery percentage” on. What happens is the status bar on your iPhone will run out of room and not display this icon, so if you would like to see this, You can turn the battery percentage icon off by following the settings below.

To enable the iPhone 4’s battery life percentage reading:

  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on Usage
  4. Switch on/off Battery Percentage

You can download the MuteIcon via BigBoss Repo via Cydia For Free.

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