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moves app

Moves App by ProtoGeo Oy is great way to keep track of your daily moves. We all have seen and heard about fitness bands at one point or the other.

If you have been thinking about tossing some of that hard earned cha-ching on a fitness band, give this Free app a try first. The App will provide you with a lot of useful data that a band will provide you with.

You will be surprised how well it works, the only catch is ! it only works as long as your iDevice is on you, in your hand or in your pocket on wrapped in an armband or something similar.

I tested the App for over a month and it tracks everything just like it claims and then some. The app can differentiate between Walking, Running, Cycling and transport and provide a nice story-line of your moves.

So if you just want to track how active you have been during the day all you need to do is download Moves on your Phone and keep your phone in your pocket! That’s it not need to spend money on expensive bands. Give this a try if you have been thinking about getting a fitness band.

MovesProtoGeoHealth & Fitness$ 2.99Download