Metro LS is a simple and information rich LockScreen Theme. The Lockscreen is inspired by windows 8 design, it features a nice simple clock widget on top followed with Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds. You can add your Facebook profile to the LockScreen, you can add a twitter account of whoever you want to follow or even enter your own. You can enter a RSS feed of any website you want and the widget will show u the latest within the rss feed widget.

This is a great little LockScreen theme for all you information hungry folks!


Setup Guide

  1. To Setup – open LockBackground.html in your favorite text editor (ex: TextWrangler on Mac).
  2. And Locate the code shown Below.

var FacebookFeed = “FACEBOOKRSSHERE”;
var TwitterUser = “smh”;
var OtherFeed = “”;

  1. To set Facebook – Replace FACEBOOKRSSHERE   – With your own.
  2. To set Twitter = Replace smh – with whoever you want to follow or your own.
  3. To set RSS feed : replace the  “” with feed you want to follow for example : “feed://”

Via Author

Welcome to Metro LS!

I created this lockscreen after getting bored with one I’d had for ages sourced from the internet. I hope you guys enjoy this, feel free to modify or suggest alterations to the code or design!

It works by sourcing Facebook, Twitter and RSS items through each website’s respective RSS feeds. Tutorials to modify each item are placed within the source of the HTML file.

The text looks small because it has been scaled down in the picture – in reality it is easily readible on a retina screen.