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What is iTimeMachine?

iTimeMachine is a utility, the only utility, that enables the use of AirDisks and Network Disks in Time Machine. Even with the new release of TimeCapsule, users can still not use AirDisks with Time Machine. You can do it with iTimeMachine.

What’s New: iTimeMachine v1.1 now checks if you have network drives enabled. It also uses a toggle button instead of the old UI design. It now includes a progress indicator. It also automatically opens up the Time Machine preference pane and gives tells the user that it has enabled AirDisks.

How to install with 10.5.2/10.5.3:

1) Open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities) and type the following command:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

2) Connect the disk you want to use for back-ups to the computer and open it

3) Go to system preferences, time machine and click “change disk”. select the disk you want to use. this should start your initial back-up. If you have done all of this before, you don’t need to do it again, just start a back-up.

4) Go to the window for your back up disk. you should see a sparse bundle disk image. Write down the name of this dmg EXACTLY. This is the computer name, a “_” and the mac address of your computer.

5) Once the back- up is done, open your disk utility (applications/utilities). Create a new disk image. In the save as box type in the dmg name you wrote down in the previous step. Save location needs to be the disk your have for back-ups. Volume size is dependent on the disk size (you can type in anything bigger than the actual disk size, it will only use the available space). Change image format to “sparse bundle disk image”

6) Once the new disk image is created, enter the following in terminal:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO

7) Start another time machine back-up. once it is done eject the back-up disk

8.) Connect your back-up disk to your airport base station and mount it on your desktop.

9) Start another back-up.

DISCLAIMER: Use at your own risk. There are still some bugs when using Time Machine over the network.