Apple’s latest creation the iPhone 5S hit the shelves world-wide this morning, and became available in the US and Canada for online ordering at 12:01 PT last night.

The demand for the newly introduced Gold-Color model has been through the roof! We tried to order the iPhone 5S Gold online at 12:01 am, the first batch was gone by the time we made it to the checkout page! so ours will not be coming in 1-2 days our will arrive sometime between Oct 8th – Oct 11th. The shipping times for the Gold iPhone 5S has now slipped down just to October. Silver & Space Grey iPhone 5S has also slipped down on the shipping dates, they are now shipping in 7-10 business days.

As far as retail stores go, Apple did not have enough iPhone 5S Gold even at their own retail stores. We had heard rumors that Apple will have limited supply of Gold iPhone 5S due to slow manufacturing process which is now very clear as Apple store in NY had only 50 Gold iPhones.

With shipping dates now well into Oct it is unclear how fast Apple is planning to replenish its stock. It has been in the news that Apple has asked its manufacturing partners to crank up the production on the Gold iPhone 5S. Demand for the iPhone 5S is very high which is great for Apple, limited stock frustrates those hoping to score the shiny new iPhone which is not so great for folks like you and me but in this case limited stock is still great for Apple as it gives Apple Free publicity.


Apple is expected to set record sales with the launch of the iPhone 5S.