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Apple’s rumored iPhone 5 has been making headlines everywhere and every day! We now have a very interesting leak that has surfaced over the weekend. According to a report published by 9t05mac the leaked parts show a new ‘square chip subsystem’ at the top. The chip could pack some serious possibilities, the most obvious answer to these possibilites is NFC.

via 9to5mac

We first found NFC code in hardware dumps from upcoming iPhone prototypes, so the likelihood of Apple including the hardware is high.

“Further investigation into this hardware code dump leads us to believe that these iPhones also have Near Field Communication controllers directly connected to the Power Management Unit.

The implications are obviously monstrous. With the recently announced PassBook application(which we detailed prior to its announcement while speculating about an NFC tie-in), Apple will be set to compete with Google Wallet and Microsoft’s similar service that unveiled last week. Apple could tie in with a payment processor like Citibank’s PayPass system for credit card transactions—or it could become a payment processor of sorts with its hundreds of millions of credit cards already on file at iTunes.

NFC would also allow iPhone users a quick and easy way to share files from one iOS device to another.”



9to5mac points out to a patent that Apple won, if you look closely the new chip is located in the same general area!