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Apple has sent invites to the press for the iPad 3 event which features an image of the new iPad! The display is sharp as you can see & it is a retina display as anticipated no questions there.

But Cultofmac reports something very interesting. According to the site “The spacing of the icon’s on the iPad 3 pictured on the invite indicates that it is in portrait orientation rather than landscape. But There is no sign of the home button !

That is a good catch as you can see in the above picture spacing between the icons does look like in portrait mode, as we all know there are 4 icons by default. So either way you go right of left of the calendar icon the home button should be either between the calendar icon & the keynote icon or between the Maps icon & the calendar icon. It has been rumored in the past that Apple was playing around with the idea of no home button on the iPad.

This could be true or the iPad in the above picture simply could just be upside down ;) . Home button on iDevices has become iconic, do you think Apple will ditch the home button? We do not think Apple will do this… but we will find out on the March 7th what Apple has in store ….