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Hackers have been hard at work trying to make iOS Apps run on Apple TV. Much progress has been made in just a few days, Steve Troughton-Smith and @TheMudKip have been able to get the Apps to run in 720p & Full Screen.!

@TheMudKip has published a video to YouTube demoing the development so far. The Apps are running on the Apple TV! this is a very very cool project as the possibilities are endless! Imagine playing all the iOS games ;)  & using your favorite iOS Apps on the big screen.

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The launching of Apps is made possible by MobileX, This is in a sense the Springboard of the hacked Apple TV. This is where you go to launch an iOS App. The MobileX has been written from scratch by @TheMudKip. Below is the image of MobileX a launching window of sorts,  developed by  @TheMudKip  to launch Apps on the Apple TV. If this hack is made public you can expect to see this on your Hacked Apple TV.

@TheMudKip Said that he “rewrote SpringBoard from scratch using only QuartzCore.”