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Here are some hidden features within the iOS 8 – Surprisingly Apple has not boosted about some of these, some can be really useful in day to day life.

Credit card scanning – When you are shopping via iOS 8’s Safari, you can use the Camera on your iPhone to scan in a credit card and the safari will fill in all the information rather than entering it manually. This will make it easier to spend your hard earned cha ching $!

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Real Time Talk To Text

If you have never been a fan of Talk-To-Type feature on the current iOS, iOS 8 might change that. On the iOS 8 beta 4 Apple introduced a real time Talk-To-Type.  It is basically the same feature the only thing different is there is not for waiting for the entire line to be spoken before seeing the word, the text is displayed as you speak!


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Ask ‘Siri’ to Download an App

In iOS 8 users can ask Siri to download an App from the App Store. Siri will initiate an App Store search for the said app.




1. Self Timer : The iOS will enable your  Camera App to take self Timed Photos, finally you will be able to be in that family picture.

The current settings show a 3 sec and a 10 sec timer, this might change in the final version of the iOS 8.


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2. Time-Lapse video Recording



Deleted – Photo Recovery

 Ever regretted deleting a photo? say goodbye to all the regrets – iOS 8 will let you recover deleted photos



In Safari : Request – Desktop Site

Don’t like Mobile version of some of the websites you visit via Safari? No worries in iOS you can request to be taken to the desktop version.



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App Store – Ad Blocking

Ever been magically taken to the App Store? While getting your daily dose of digital news.

This super annoying – Auto launch has been dealt with in the iOS 8 – Apple has put a stop to the Ads that take you to the App Store without interacting with the ad itself.


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Automatically Delete Old messages

 Messages App can now delete old messages, you can set messages to be deleted 30 days after receiving them , you can also choose 1 year. This is a good feature that frees up space on your iPhone’s Hard drive.

For Example : if you have to share a lot of photos for your work, you have to constantly keep deleting messages, with this feature you can be sure nothing unnecessary will sit on your iPhone occupying precious space on your iPhone.


Photos in Notes

You can now insert Photos into the Notes!



 Self-destructing photos!

iOS 8 will let you send self-destructing photos, when using the messages app – you hold down on the camera icon which launches the camera app any photos or videos sent using this will self-destruct within two minutes after being sent.


Relevant Apps – For Quick Launch – Based on your Location 

iOS 8 will let you quickly launch an app right from the lockscreen, based on your location. Lets say you allow your iPhone’s location services to use your location, and if you are near a Starbucks, Starbucks App icon will appear on the bottom left hand corner letting launch the app quickly!

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Peer-To-Peer AirPlay

Peer-to-peer Airplay :  iOS 8 will bring peer-to-peer AirPlay feature to the iDevices, letting users stream content to the Apple TV without the need for a Wi-Fi network connection.

 There are a lot other cool features on the iOS 8 – if you discover something new please share with us.