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According to a report published on 9to5Mac indicates that Apple is testing Nuance speech-To-Text functionality on the iOS 5. This feature was speculated by 9to5mac before by looking at iOS 5 SDK but now this has been confirmed by the Screenshot above which was sent to the site by a confirmed Apple employee. [via]



9to5mac Says

From the above finding, it appears that on iOS 5′s system wide keyboard (or when Apple decides to release this feature), there will be a button to initiate the dictation. This button is referred to the “start” button in the above code snippet. After the start button is clicked, a microphone screen will popover and when the user is done, they can double tap that new microphone view and the speech will be translated into text and the touch keyboard will return. There also may or may not be an option for the iOS device’s microphone to automatically translate the speech into text when it senses the user has stopped talking.