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All things connected to tech industry seem to lose a few lbs each year and things we use from day to day become smaller &  thinner.  Personal computers have now become to thin and small that we can carry them anywhere !  & It is safe to say iPads have rendered PC’s useless in some cases. For example I only use my laptop when I have to design something using Photoshop or write something. I use iPad for most of reading and surfing the web or whatever other shenanigans that arise. It is just easier to use an iPad, its mobile, its easy to use, it’s always on, no charger connected & the list goes on and on.

With the world now turning to tablets for their day-to-day routine and needs, Brookstone aims to let the iPad become more useful for you. The company has announced iConvert a front feeding Scanner that can turn your iPad into a complete scanning station.  The front feeder is adjustable from between 2- and 8.5-inches wide, the iConvert can scan almost anything normal sized document you throw at it, and digitize them directly to your iPad’s picture folder as 300 DPIs.

This compact & sexy looking scanner will cost set you back $149.99

[via] [Brookstone.com]