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In this tutorial we will show you how To jailbreak your iPhone 5S, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 running on the iOS 7.1.1 with the Pangu Jailbreak Utility.

Requirements & Compatibility
Download Jailbreak ToolPangu: Download The Pangu Jailbreak
Compatible iDevicesiPhone 5S | iPhone 5C | iPhone 5 | iPhone 4S | iPhone 4
iOS RequirediOS 7.1.1 : Your iPhone Must be on iOS 7.1.1

1. Perform an OTA update via iOS setting – your iPhone should be updated to iOS 7.1.1

Please do a Full Backup of your iPhone.
Note: Use iTunes to backup (recommended)

3.Please disable passcode lock.

Please Install/Update To The Latest Version of the iTunes.

Please perform this at your own risk.

Estimated Finish Time 10-15 Minutes.

Note : The Pangu Jailbreak Utility was Created by a Chinese Hacker team, hence it is in Chinese, if your computer doesn’t have the Chinese language installed all you will see is ???jibrish???? on the jailbreak utility. Most of our Pc’s do not have Chinese installed already and we are not going to do it now.Do not be alarmed, we will guide you through the process,lets start.


1. Begin – Please do everything shown in the above table first, if you have done all that you should be ready to go!

  • Open the Downloads folder – and double click on the Pangu Icon.

1- ios711jb


2. Jailbreak Utility will Launch :

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB
  • Make sure you uncheck the box highlighted in Red – Unchecking this ensures, that the Chinese piracy app store is not installed during the Jailbreak. This is very bad for your security and is not legal, so please uncheck this. Once you uncheck your window should look like the one below.

4- ios711jb


Issues Connecting ? Your iTunes needs an update if you see the below window. 2- ios711jb


3. Start the jailbreak process

  • Once your Phone is Connected and recognized you should have a similar window as below.
  • Click The Black Button To the right – Shown here in Green Box.

4- ios711jb


4. Jailbreak Begins : and we go back in time- sort off

  • Once the Jailbreak process starts – you will be prompted to go to the settings app and change your iPhone Time/Date Settings to a date in the past.

5- ios711jb

  • Change the Date on your iPhone to anything before May 30th 2014.

Note: You will not need to adjust the date later your iPhone will fix to the current date once the jailbreak is over automagically.

  • Launch Settings App – Go to General >(Scroll Down)>>Find>>>Date & Time >>>
  • Turn “Set Automatically” OFF

jb711a jb711b

  • Now Change the date to anything before May 30th



5.  Once you adjust the Date, Pangu will begin the jailbreak process 6- ios711jb


6. A new Pangu Icon will appear on the springboard of your iPhone.

Tap the Icon –  Hurry Up Tap “Continue” when an alert pop up appears. If Wait to long to confirm you will need to start over.

pangu icon  confim711


7. Jailbreak process will Continue :

  • At this time you do not need to do anything
  • Keep your iPhone connected and do not Touch any buttons on your iPhone.

panguuuu 7- ios711jb 10000


 8.  Once the Pangu Jailbreak utility reaches to the below process level, your iPhone will Reboot 111-and off


9. Once Rebooted  

  • Jailbreak will automatically resume : You will see Pangu graphics flash on your iPhone for maybe 5 seconds and your iPhone will once again reboot.
  • The Pangu Jailbreak Utility will reach 100% process

11 final--off and on


Done : Jailbreak Process has Finished.

  • Once your iPhone has rebooted ‘slide to unlock’
  • Go to 2nd springboard page and Find Cydia icon on the Springboard.



Troubleshooting : If Any Time you get red “????????????????” on the jailbreak utility – this means something has gone wrong-Do not panic- Just Simply restart the entire process from step one and you will be fine. ejb711rror

A big Thanks goes out to the Pangu Team – And The Entire Jailbreak Community who has contributed to making this jailbreak Possible.


If you have questions or concerns or need help – please leave us a comment below, we will try to help as much as possible!