Requirements & Compatibility
Download Jailbreak ToolEvasi0n : Jailbreak (Mac) Link Evasi0n Jailbreak 1.1 (Mac)
Evasi0n : Where to Download Evasi0n Jailbreak Utility.
Compatible iDevicesiPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini.
iOS RequiredYour iPad Must be on iOS 6.0 or iOS 6.1

(iOS 6.1 Recommended)

If you need to upgrade your device to iOS 6.1 – Do not use OTA (over the Air Update)
Please connect your iPad with iTunes via USB and upgrade via iTunes.

Please do a Full Backup of your iPad.
2 ways to back up your iPad.
1. Use iCloud to backup
2. Use iTunes to backup

Please perform this at your own risk.

Estimated Finish Time 5-10 Minutes.

Step 1. Please Download the Evasi0n Jailbreak Utility from the Links above.

Step 2. Please perform a full backup of your iPad via iTunes. Use the USB to connect to your Mac and perform a backup via iTunes.

Step 3. Create a folder called “Pwnage” on the Desktop. Download the ‘Evasi0n‘ jailbreak utility into this folder.

2013-02-06 04.43.41 pm


Step 4.  Double Click the “evasion-mac-1.1 dmg”. The jailbreak utility will mount.

2013-02-06 04.44.18 pm

Step 5. Now move the “evasi0n” jailbreak break utility into the “Pwnage Folder”.

2013-02-06 04.45.27 pm


Step 6.  Double Click the “evasion” icon – the jailbreak utility will launch.

2013-02-06 04.45.39 pm


Step 7. If you have a passcode lock on your iPad – Please Remove/Disable that now & connect your iPad to your Mac.

: Once connected the Jailbreak Utility will pick up the Device.

2013-02-06 04.46.17 pm


Step 8.  Once the Device is picked up by the Jailbreak Utility – Click the “Jailbreak” button. The jailbreak process will begin.

The jailbreak App will start collecting data from the device to generate jailbreak data. It will then inject the jailbreak data into the device. The Device will then reboot.

Please wait – Do not touch your device.

Below are few of the jailbreak stages shown.


2013-02-06 04.47.49 pm


2013-02-06 04.47.49 pm


:: Final Step Within the APP : Once you reach this Step – You will need to unlock your iPad ( “slide to unlock” ) & find the “jailbreak” icon on the iPad’s Springboard.



Please Tap The “Jailbreak” Icon Only Once*

Once you tap The Icon Evasi0n will begin the 2nd half of the jailbreak process.

Please DO NOT touch the iPad.


2013-02-06 04.48.39 pm

2013-02-06 04.48.45 pmLast Step on The Jailbreak App – Everything else happens on your iPad



2013-02-06 04.48.57 pm

When your iPad Restarts you will see the following screen splash on the screen. The Device will restart and then the same Splash screen will show up again the Device will restart again. After the 2nd restart the device is ready!

Note: If your iPad gets stuck on this screen – Please sit tight. Wait about 10-15 minutes, if your iPad is still stuck on this screen, you can perform a reset (holding home button and power button together) the jailbreak will then finish on its own.






You can now find the Cydia icon on the iPad’s Springboard. (on the 2nd Page)




THANKS: Goes out to The Evad3rs Dev-Team for their hard work! making this jailbreak a reality.