Already folks here we go, in super hurry to put flash on our iPads Engadget leaked the unfinished version of Frash (flash for iPad) by Comex. There are several Reason why this is not good One beeing this was done prematurelly since Frash is not 100% finished it can cause issues on your shiny iPad 2nd it is not released officially (nothing more needs to be said).

The Frash.deb was provided by Engadget and  gave instructions on how to Autoinstall the dev on your Jailbroken iPad. Now Engadget has removed the file because it contained Adobe Files illegally &  becuase it was unfinished. But Why jump the gun and get excited about it causing issues for its original dev & install a product that is not even finished…Comex has promised a public release of Frash…lets just all wait for the public release please..

From Comex

NOTE: Someone apparently made a .deb of frash.  I don’t necessarily have objections to a binary package, but everyone should realize that it’s alpha quality at best, and please, please post it on a repository instead of posting a .deb everyone will share that will be obsolete in a few hours when I make a one-line fix that vastly improves compatibility by annulling some stupidity on my part. ;p