Stacks is an amazing OS X feature no doubt, you can launch almost anything from within Stacks. I often use stacks to launch Apps, Docs, find the downloaded stuff & whatever other iStuff i maybe in need of.  Stacks lets me access all that i need to access pretty quick so Stacks are awesome !

Here is a small tweak that makes Stacks even Better! What this line of code does is, it enable two finger scroll on Stacks. Once enabled you can Open Stacks by Swiping Upwards with two fingers & close stacks by swiping downwards with two fingers.

I was surprised how much more i preferred this method over opening stacks the old fashioned way! give this a try & let us know what you think? in the comments section…

As always please try this at your own risk. 

1. Launch Terminal on your Mac

2. In the Terminal window  – simply  paste the below code & hit enter (return) on your keyboard.

Tip- Make sure you do not copy extra space on either end of this code.

defaults write scroll-to-open -bool TRUE;killall Dock

3. The Dock on your Mac Will Relaunch

Once the relaunch is finished you should have the scroll to open/close ability. Test it out  & if for some reason it is not what you expected follow the directions below to remove this tweak.


To Remove.

Open Terminal & paste the below code into terminal window & hit enter (return) on the keyboard.

defaults delete scroll-to-open;killall Dock


Wood Floor Wallpaper user in the Screenshot – Download below.