So you are excited about getting your hands on the iPhone 5S? In todays world most of us depend on the hefty carrier discounts when getting our shiny new iPhones or smarthphones. With the orders for the new iPhone 5s set to begin @ 12:01 am on Sept 20th, the big question everyone wonders about is do they qualify for the discounted price or not.This year Apple is not going to accept pre-orders for the iPhone 5S instead the device will be available for order on Sept 20th @ 12:01am.

And if you are looking to score the shiny new iPhone 5S , you might want to check and see if you qualify for that big discount. Below is the link where you can easily check if you can get the iPhone 5S on a Deal or not.

[Upgrade Eligibility]

If your Phone Line qualifies for the discount – You should see the Prices Shown Below.