Saurik has released a music app tweak called Cyueue, this new tweak lets you queue songs for playback within the iPod App. The tweak is simple, it has no settings and works really well. When another song is already playing you tap on the track you want next a menu shows from where you can choose the next song and repeat the same process to add more songs.

Tweak : Cyueue | Via: Cydia Store | Cost : $2.49



So, you’re at a house party; unless you managed to swing a live band, the music is probably playing off an iPod (or, these days, maybe an iPhone ;P).Everyone is having fun, doing whatever it is that people do when they hang around listening to music (I’m sadly not cool enough to know what that is :().

Inevitably, someone knows of some epic song they want to play next. Only, the iPod doesn’t let you do that: if you click a song, it just plays it right now.You can sit around and wait for this song to finish, but that’s boring, with someone sitting around at the iPod not doing that thing only cool people do.

What you really want to be able to do is to just browse to the new song, queue it up immediately, and be able to do that over and over to add more songs.Technically, you can do this on your iPod; it is just infuriatingly painful and requires that someone had already been using the playlist beforehand. That’s the problem Cyueue solves: when you are already playing music, attempts to play more music divert you onto a special queue of “next” songs.

Play Now — interrupt what you are playing, and play the item right now

Play Next — put the item right after the current one on your upcoming queue

Play Last — put the item at the end of your upcoming queue (after others)