It is reported that the app codenamed ‘Healthbook’ will be released in conjunction with the iWatch to monitor fitness , it will keep an eye on some key health stats, along with steps walked, distance walked and some other health and fitness info.

The Healthbook app on the iOS 8 will work very similar to Passbook, where it would feature a stack of cars that the user can swipe through. Each card will pack different state, for example : one card might just be dedicated to walking, while the other might be to monitor sleep and so on…?

Designer Carlos Quijano has designed a concept of what the Healthbook might look like on the iOS 8.

9to5mac has written an extensive article on this! and they have asked their sources to look at the mockup, this what the source had to say about the mockups….

According to sources, the mockups are “vaguely” the right idea. Of course, Apple is likely testing multiple different user-interfaces for this software, and since we are several months out from an official introduction, things can and likely will change (even drastically)…

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