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Boxee is not available for Apple Tv. If you like some Boxee action on your Apple TV now you can do this easily by following these

You can now, once more, pwn your AppleTV following these super simple instructions, and get the Boxee Beta on that shiny Apple box. In fact, if you already have Boxee Alpha installed, you should be able to just update Launcher and then update Boxee to achieve the same result :)

Kudos to JimWiley and hillbilly1980 from the Boxee forum for making the original update script, and Amet, davilla and stephan.diederich from Team XBMC and atvusb-creator for fixing the Launcher, SoftwareMenu and the Creator itself, permitting this goodness.

Enjoy, and let these guys know you appreciate their efforts by commenting below and/orhere.

** Installing Boxee on your AppleTV simply adds a Boxee option to the main AppleTV menu.  Previous AppleTV functionality remains in tact.

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