The rumor mill has been spitting out leaked iPhone 6 mock ups and parts every other week now, the latest leak comes via 9t05mac. This time we have some HD photos of the purported front panels for the yet to be released 4.7-Inch model.

These new photos show the front glass panel in great detail, you can see that this glass panel will surround a bigger 4.7 inch screen and has curved edges. The photos show black and white glass panels for the upcoming iPhone 6,

The images do not indicate any breakthrough new features for the next-generation iPhone, but the availability of these parts indicates that the new iPhone is nearing mass-production ahead of a launch this fall. A new hole appears to the left of the ear speaker, but it is unclear if this is a re-located FaceTime front camera or a proximity sensor. The variation in port location from part-to-part could be due to production of parts still being in early stages. It is possible some pieces were produced earlier or later than others. The edges also appear to be slightly curved.