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Well we all have heard the Apple Tv rumors and speculation, entire industry is wondering what Apple tv will be. After Steve Jobs said “i finally cracked it” referring to the Tv in an interview conducted for his much successful biography those rumors started burning like someone pour jet oil on them. But what will Apple Tv bring?

We are going to go off the limb here a little bit & try take a look at what Apple Tv could bring into the entertainment world.

  1. Oh That Apple Look – we all know how Sleek Apple products are, Simple, Elegant, With Sharp Edges, not Keen on Many Joint Seams Showing, Apple’s products are designed to look beautiful and perform beautifully We are sure Apple Tv will be no different. aluminum or plastic hmmmm?
  2. Revolutionary with – Siri ?  Ever since the release of Siri – Blogosphere has been buzzing about Siri powered Apple TV, looking at how good Siri works – Siri powered Tv makes total sense. ( i use my xbox kinect to talk to my tv in matter of speaking, it works but it’s no Siri, there is potential when it comes to talking to your Tv which Apple may fulfill with Siri)
  3. Apps Apps & more Apps ? – We will surely see AppStore used to give Apple Tv Wings – The amount of goodness that Apps can bring to a platform can truly mean a rebirth of sorts. Only time will tell how a Tv powered with App Store like giant will behave.
  4. iCloud ? – We know Apple has put a lot of energy into Cloud with the massively successful iCloud Service, Apple could bring some sort of DVR capability, where your favorite shows are stored in the cloud and made available to all your iDevices & even your Mac maybe? from anywhere !
  5. iRemote ?  Well is Apple tv will be siri powered who needs a remote? ehhh lets say you want to give that voice a rest ? We are sure Apple tv will have an equally innovative Remote but your iPhone|iPod Touch|iPad could be the remote of the future..! 
  6. iMessage ? – Could you imagine iOS like notification popping up on your Tv? Privacy maybe an issue with this but …
  7. iGames ? – Wooo Hooo ! Image playing all those amazing iOS games on your Big Screen without having to connect anything else onto your Tv.
  8. iPhoto ? – Built right into your Tv, Photos taken on your iPhone & anywhere else are instantly available on your Tv – One tap and boom the slideshow is on.

Airplay, FaceTime & much more could be among the goodies packed in the iTv.

Possibilities are endless as to what Apple could do with their TV!

Post Tv Era is here Netflix and other online content providers are massively popular among people of all ages. We predict that the Apps will the new channels! Every channel will have an App of their own or Channels will come as individual that you can subscribe to putting an end to subscribing to the useless Packages, There are so many useless channels hiding in those packages (shopping, info commercials , etc). We need a new way to watch Tv but only time will tell if that new way will be delivered to us by Apple !

If you think we left something out ? please feel free to hint us :)