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A bill-of-materials (BOM) analysis revealed that Apple will make at least $208 from a sale of each iPad that will cost $499.00.That profit jumps to big $446.00 whenever the top-end iPad is sold for $829.00. While other companies loose money when it comes to selling Hardware,  especially gaming consoles that depend of games sales for profits, Apple doesn’t appear to be bound by restrictions such as licensing & software sales.Apple will make even larger profits by selling Books, Movies, TVShows, Magazines & more….whatever Apple has planned in the end it is very clear they will succeed.

High profit margins are standard for Apple, which earlier in the week boasted that its corporate margin for 2009′s final quarter was 40.1%. Some products, in fact, have estimated margins even higher than Marshall’s iPad numbers: The consensus for the iPhone 3GS is above 60%, for example.