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Samsung says they are not afraid of the Apple iTV, in a brave attempt to overshadow Apple iTV’s Buzz.  Samsung Australia’s director of audio-visual Philip Newton said Apple’s iTV breakthrough was “old news” and won’t match Samsung’s offerings. Apple’s iTV casts a heavy shadow on the CES 2012 even when Apple is not even in the attendance. Where Samsung showed off their new TVs.

  Here is what Newton said 
“Do we see them as a threat, not specifically no … probably we’ll have some competitors that may suffer … but we see it as a great opportunity, the more big name brands that get involved in smart [TV] the better off we are as a brand because we know we can lead it.
Talk about the upcoming Apple iTV has been in the headlines & has moved beyond just light rumors with some succession of credible leaks. As the most recent news came from USA Today in which the publisher reported extensive details including that a 50-inch iTV prototype was spotted in the studio of Apple Design champ Jonathan Ive.
Only time will tell what Apple has hidden away from the world and how Apple will reinvent the TV industry.
Talk of an upcoming Apple TV set has moved beyond just rumour, with a succession of credible leaks, the most recent being a USA Today report which published extensive details including from a former Apple employee who said they saw a 50-inch iTV prototype in Apple design guru Jonathan Ive’s lab.

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