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Apple  is internally testing the iTunes 11 which features iOS 6 support and improved iCloud integration, all this comes from a report published by 9to5Mac.

Apple is working on iTunes 11 as a version of iTunes that supports their upcoming iOS 6 release and future devices. Apple typically releases new versions of iTunes alongside major new OS’s and mobile devices. While iTunes 11 is built as an iOS 6 compatible-release, according to sources, iTunes 11 could very well be a release coming farther down the road, and Apple could very well release another iTunes 10.x point update as a simple iOS-6-compatiblity release. One source calls that the more likely situation.


On the subject of iTunes, we’re still hearing that a full iTunes Store and App Store revamp is underway for a launch between this summer and the fall. Earlier this year, Apple purchased a company called Chomp to help with that refresh. Since then, we’ve heard multiple independent whispers that the Chomp team has been fully integrated into a team that specifically exists in order to improve content discovery within the iTunes application and the online store.