1 .  ‘Apple Watch’ can be inverted to be worn on the right or left arm. 

Apple Watch can be inverted if needed, it can be worn on the right or the left arm, this is according to a report published by BusinessInsider. BusinessInsider confirmed this with an Apple spokesperson, this is a welcoming news for all the left-handed users.

According to the Spokesperson : When you first set up the Apple Watch, the user will be prompted to set the device up as a left-handed or right-handed user.


2.  ‘Apple Watch’ will pack a cool security trick,  preventing thieves from making payments.


According to a report published by CultofMac, Apple Watch will come packing a built-in security feature that disables Apple Watch’s ability to use Apple Pay if the watch is taken off the wrist. How does that happen? The ‘Apple Watch’ packs in a pretty cool trick, thanks to the built-in sensors on the back of the Watch it can sense if the watch is being worn or if has been taken off.

During Apple’s hands on event, an Apple employee told cultofmac that when you first put the ‘Apple Watch’ on you, you must enter a security code. When the watch is removed, Apple Pay locks up until you enter the code again.


 3. ‘Apple Watch’ Will let you listen To Music Without being Connected to an iPhone.

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed during an interview with the Charlie Rose, and said ‘Apple Watch’  requires an iPhone, because they’ve been designed to work together.. However, if you go for a run, and you don’t want to carry your iPhone, music is also on your watch. So with a Bluetooth headset, you can run and listen to your music without your iPhone.

Note: ‘Apple watch’ does not support headphones with a pin, only bluetooth headphones are supported.


Bonus Fact

 Apple’s Gold Edition ‘Apple Watch’ might cost over $1,000.00

Apple’s ‘Watch Edition‘ will come win Gold and Rose Gold – The Watch Edition’s Case will be crafted from 18-Karat Gold –

Apple’s  Shiny ‘Watch Edition’ might cost upwards of $1,000 – $1,200 this is according to TechCrunch. TechCrunch spoke to experts within the watch/jewelry industry, according to the experts if Apple’s Gold edition is actually made of gold, it could sell for as high as $1,200. It is not made clear by Apple if the entire case if made of gold or if it is just gold-plated, but TechCrunch’s experts says it most likely the former. An all-gold case matches up with the size and weight provided by Apple – plus Gold-plating might fade away after much use and it really doesn’t live up to Apple’s Design standards.

According to Chad Rickicki if the above is true the casing alone for the ‘Apple Watch’ would cost around $600 to make. Add in the electronics, Sapphire crystal, flexible retina display the bill of materials alone could shoot over $1,000. Only time will tell how much the ‘Watch Edition’ would cost when the ‘Apple Watch’ becomes available in 2015.