The MacBook Air has become very popular since Apple released and hit new heights when Apple overhauled the ultra-portable notebook and introduced the 11-inch model back in Oct 2010. Apple also dropped the price on MacBook Air, making it more affordable for the average consumer and paving the way for the death of the White plastic macbook.

Eventually White Macbook was dead, but now it seems the Macbook Air is not done yet. According to one accessory vendor, the MacBook Pro will be killed of by a 15-inch MacBook Air in April 2012.

Electricpig attended this year’s CU Exposed conference in London yesterday, which is dedicated to accessories designed for the Mac. One vendor, which is described as “a key player in MacBook docking solutions” but is not named, claims Apple will launch a 15-inch MacBook Air in April that will affectively kill of the MacBook Pro for the average consumer.

The device, like Apple’s current MacBook Airs, will feature ports on both sides, no optical drive, and no ethernet cable, according to the source. They are so confident about this that they have their manufacturers “on standby” to make and ship a new product for the 15-inch notebook within 90 days of its release.