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100 Beautiful iPad Wallpapers

Psychopulse has released a Set of Beautiful 100 iPad Wallpapers. All …[Read More]

How To Enable Voice Control On The iPad Tweaks

How To Enable Voice Control On The iPad

  Here is a Nice & Quick way to add more functionality to your …[Read More]

How To Send SMS From Your iPad App Store

How To Send SMS From Your iPad

If you have the Shiny New iPad, by now you know there are many things it …[Read More]


FullForce – Makes iPhone Apps Run Full Screen on iPad

FullForce is a Tweak that can make the iPhone Apps Phone applications …[Read More]

Ironman 2 On iPad

Ironman 2 For the iPad was released a few days ago just before the …[Read More]

SBSettings v3.0.9-1 beta Released – Bugs Fixed For iPad

BigBoss has released SBSettings v3.0.9-1 on his beta repo for testing …[Read More]


How To Increase Safari Tabs Limit On Your iPad

Apple has put a limit on how many Tabs you can have on the iPad. Now …[Read More]


DashBoard For iPad – Release

Apple Rejected the DashBoard App for the iPad & lets just say They …[Read More]

Breaking News – SBSettings Work on iPad

So folks while Testing Apps – At first the SBSetting did not even …[Read More]

3rd Party Apps (Cydia Apps) That Work on iPad ! [List]

So Folks unless you have been living under a Rock or just got too …[Read More]

How to JailBreak iPad (Firmware 3.2) [Windows] iPad Jailbreak Pc

How to JailBreak iPad (Firmware 3.2) [Windows]

In This Guide We will show you how to Jailbreak your iPad.

Spirit – The iPad Jailbreak [Released]

Spirit-Pc.exe   Spirit Mac Spirit Jailbrek for all Devices has been …[Read More]

Beautiful iPad Covers For $19.99

So there are many cases covers & more cases to save your precious …[Read More]

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