In This Tutorial We Will Show You How To SSH With Wi-Fi.


SSH Tutorial for Mac’s using Cyberduck – Using WiFi

See Part 2 for No Wifi Needed

First you are going to need a few things.

  1. A Jailbroke iPhone
  2. Cyberduck (download here)
  3. Open SSH (install from Cydia)

Now Open Cyberduck. Note: It is best to copy Cyberduck into your applications folder so you are not working off the Disc Image.

Picture 3

Now on the top of your Desktop of your Mac ( In the Menu Bar), click on the Preferences Tab

Picture 4

Now change the settings below. (in the General Tab)

  1. Default protocol: SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)
  2. Default login name: root

Picture 55

This just saves you time later, now you can close the Preferences Tab

Now with your iPhone/iPod plugged into your computer via usb, goto your settings or SB Settings and find your WiFi IP Address (write this down). Note: You must also have SSH turned on in your SB Settings.


  1. Now in Cyberduck, Type the IP Address from your WiFi to the Server:
  2. Make sure the Port is: 22
  3. Make sure the Username is: root
  4. Type in the Password: alpine
  5. Click on Connect

Picture 6

Note: Sometimes it might time out the first time you use this, If another window pops up, just click on Always. This will allow the connection all the time with theses settings.

That is it. You should now have a screen like below with you’re iPhone / iPod Hard Drive.

Picture 7

To modify your Themes, goto: click on that Blue arrow in the middle with the folder, /private/var/root

  • Goto var, then stash, then you will see your Themes folder and others like Ringtones. This is where you would just drag and drop your themes or ringtones into.
  • If you want to modify an existing Theme in your WinterBoard, just drag it from the Themes folder onto your desktop computer (or double click it), and now you will have a copy to play with on your desktop.
  • You can also, just Right click and Rename, Delete, etc right in Cyberduck.

Just be very careful. Always do research first, or you will find yourself Restoring your iPhone/iPod. (When I first learned, I accidentally dragged one folder into another and my iPhone froze, causeing me to restore.) Just take it slow and learn where things go first.

Now you are an SSH’er too………..