In this Tutorial you will learn how to Fix Push Notifications Easy.

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Yesterday we talked about Push Notification Fix that was released by Dev-Team. The process was somewhat complex,but as we predicted then it will get easier.! So it has!! Guys at have put a package together that can be installed via Cydia & resulting in Fixing Push Notification on Hacktivated Phones.

Note: This is only needed on Hacktivated Phone – The ones that are activated via Jailbreak. If you have your iPhone via Official carrier you need not install this!.

  1. Start Cydia on your iPhone 3G or 2G [1st Gen iPhone]
  2. Click the Manage tab> Sources> Add> Edit and enter this address
  3. Changes in the sessions and installed “Fix Push”
  4. Run YouTube and make sure that it works
  5. Restart the iPhone, reinstall applications with push back and enjoy this service.

Note: If by chance you should have problems with YouTube, uninstall this package.